1. D&D Oneshot: 300 Wands

    A silly, low-effort, low-prep campaign setting for impromptu sessions

  2. Spammer’s Veto
  3. Online Communities, Identity, and Association

    Some notes on Mastodon

  4. Back to basics

    Wtf is an html

  5. Why’s it gotta be a grid

    I’d just like to interject for a moment.

  6. Failing with Abandon

    “This is a short public service announcement: you don’t have to fail with abandon.”

  7. Reviews: Collected Ghost Stories (M.R. James), Kwaidan (Lafcadio Hearn)

    Spooky scary books send shivers down their spines

  8. dumb funny stuff

    "so olive garden’s keeping the peace in this family"

  9. Dynamic DNS with Gandi

    I use Gandi for my domain names. For a while, I used a VPS to host all my sites, but I ran into technical issues (it was OpenVZ-based so the kernel was ancient) and after I upgraded my home internet, I decided to put my bandwidth to use and host everything at home. Like many other North Americans, my ISP doesn’t give me a static IP, so this is an issue.

  10. Hiking in CO

    I can’t think of anything to write about, so here’s a post about a hiking trip I went on a month ago. Things didn’t go perfectly, but it was still fun!

  11. The Spurious Justifications for Eliminating Price Caps on .org and Other Legacy Domains
  12. DIY image hosting

    I spent a couple of hours throwing together a quick Python HTTP server that I can use to run image hosting on this machine.

  13. Hello, World