dumb funny stuff

I think there might be something wrong with my sense of humour. There’s just something funny about people watching the same 30-second Olive Garden ad on loop for half an hour. My current podcast rotation includes:

It’s not like this sort of dumb joke hasn’t been done before:

But no studio exec would have financed The Holy Grail if it was 75 minutes of Lancelot running at the camera. But thanks to the internet, someone can make that movie and share it with the rest of the world without paying a cent. You could probably even get paid for it via Patreon.

This post has gotten away from me, but I guess it’s just cool to think about how the internet has allowed people to express their creativity without limits. I love the fact that someone’s frame-by-frame analyis of the Emoji Movie trailer has over 4 million views.

Side note: WolfoutTV, one of my favourite channels on Youtube, produces a full-length sketch comedy show every week. The Last Show On Earth has geniuine creativity and effort behind it, and the canned laughter and corny jokes only make it better. Go check it out.