Back to basics

I switched away from hugo and threw together my own blog generator thing. It’s brittle and assumes a lot of things about where files will be, but I’ll deal with fixing it if it breaks.

I realized that writing was such a pain because I’d need to download a specific version of hugo (yay breaking changes), re-remember what each directory and directive and markup function does, etc etc. It sucks and it’s awful on mobile. The script just loops through a bunch of markdown files, renders them, and inserts the HTML into a mustache template (take a look at the markdown for this post).

One new thing I added is a micro blog which is basically just a markdown file rendered in a minimal template. It’s low-effort, low-quality, and kind of reminds me of sites on the tildeverse. I think I’m end up putting more stuff there since writing a blog post is a lot more work than typing out random nonsense. Maybe I’ll just post photos here.