OpenPuddle, the cheapest NFT marketplace.

OpenPuddle is the world's cheapest NFT marketplace. Many marketplaces charge buyers fees for purchasing (in addition to the actual price of the NFT). On OpenPuddle all NFTs are free of charge.

Choose any NFT you'd like and a wallet address of your choice and start "owning" art!

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How does OpenPuddle verify ownership?

We store ownership information using the most advanced cryptographic algorithms (RC4, MD5, ROT26), so your ownership is guaranteed to be valid.

I've heard about NFTs wasting electricity. Is OpenPuddle environmentally safe?

Our platform currently relies on one (1) NGINX server and one (1) Node.js server, so energy usage per transaction is minimal, but our team is looking into ways to improve this. By 2022, OpenPuddle will torch one (1) acre of grassland for every transaction on the platform.

Someone sent me a link to this site, claiming that they own an NFT that I own. Can you update your site?

OpenPuddle uses a proprietary database (.json files on disk) to track token ownership. Ownership may diverge between different chains and contracts. It is the responsibility of NFT purchasers to understand digital security and public key cryptography, in addition to EVM smart contracts to ensure they are purchasing authentic NFTs.

But the people buying my NFTs don't understand the difference between on-chain and centralized ownership registries. Can you take down a listing for being misleading?


The “ownership” listed on this site is meaningless. Just because a website says someone owns an NFT, that does not mean they actually own anything.